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Looking for last minute greeting card shops in London Bridge? We’ve got this.

By Paula Faircloth on 14th of June 2016 | 5 min read

Happy Birthday Card

Everyone knows that all too familiar sensation: the dry mouth, cold sweaty palms, and spreading sensation of panic. You forget to get a greeting card AGAIN? But if you work near London Bridge, take a deep breath. We’ve got you covered.

At Igloo Flowers in The Shard Arcade, just left out of the Underground at London Bridge Station, we’re happy to provide a variety of designer cards for every occasion.

We’re particularly pleased to stock Paperclip Penguin, a sleek and simplistic range designed with London’s worker bees in mind.

Designed by Jess Neal, the paperclip penguin was born while she was working in the City, feeling frustrated at the lack of creativity in her life. She entertained herself at work by creating stories using a paperclip as the penguin's body and a pen to draw in an eye, beak, feet and any amusing props. (You may have attempted similar feats with office stationery yourself, particularly when faced with an intimidatingly full email inbox.)

congratulations on your new arrival card

In September 2015 Igloo’s Director Simon Lyons spotted Jess’s range at a craft fair in Hay's Galleria. He was impressed at the stylish simplicity of her hand-drawn designs with rich block-colour backgrounds, and we became her first stockist. Since then her cards have been very popular online and are now sold in a number of shops across the UK.

We asked Paperclip Penguin's founder Jess to give us her top tips for buying cards for all you workers near London Bridge. We’ll help make sure you’re never caught short again!

So Jess, how do you pick the perfect greeting card?

  • Try not to leave it until the last minute! We've all been there, on the tube leaning on the glass, smudging the ink as we write a generic 'happy birthday message'. Oh-so thoughtful and also pretty obvious when you hand it over.
  • Those people you know with a special drawer in their house full of cards have got the right idea. Start collecting now. Whenever you see a card you like, something that makes you smile, just buy it and you'll be pleased when it finds a good home and if it doesn't then check out #6.
  • Try to pick cards with relevance to the recipient; an in-joke, a reminder of a place you went together, their favourite animal/flower/colour.
  • If you happen to see a card perfect for someone when you're out and about buy it then and there, chances are you won't go back and buy it and it's way more satisfying handing over something you're pleased with.
  • Have a look at the back of the card to check that it's been FSC certified or made from recycled card. These are more eco friendly - it feels good doing your bit for the environment.
  • See the potential beyond the card. A lot of cards can be mounted and framed to make beautiful prints. This is a really good way of getting affordable art for your walls!
  • Support the independents. Small shops like Igloo Flowers near London Bridge are just some places you can get cards straight from the designers - it may only be £2-3 and feel like nothing to you but even the smallest sale will help keep independent businesses going.
Happy Retirement Card
  • Remember you can send a card to anyone at any time, you don't have to wait for a special occasion. When's the last time you came home to post that wasn't just bills or advertising junk? If I spot a hand written envelope on my doormat I'll save it till last just because I know it'll be the nicest thing to open! Send some random cards to people and you're more likely to get something back and make someone's day whilst doing so!
  • Don't just go to the obvious high street retail chains to look for a card. You'll find some of the nicest and quirkiest ones in random places, like florists, garden centres, art galleries, pet shops. Keep an eye out and you'll have your very own card drawer with something for every occasion before long!
to the one i love card

Didn’t follow these 9 steps and still need a card right this second? Don’t worry, a great selection of cards is just a leg-stretch away from your office desk. Check out the Paperclip Penguin range in person at Igloo Flowers; a card shop in London Bridge you never knew existed.