Buttonhole flowers, the must-have accessory for men's Ascot outfits.

If you're heading to the races you'll probably spend as much time considering what to wear as well as which horse to bet on. Dressing to impress is tantamount at prestigious racecourses like Ascot, Goodwood and Sandown.

pink rose and purple lisianthus buttonhole flowers

A boutonniere fit for a day at the races

With outfits and many other things in life, the devil's in the details, so if you don't have time to hunt out a rare accessory, jewel encrusted pocket watch, silver topped cane or eye-catching hat, you can always set your outfit off with a classic boutonniere or buttonhole flower.

Buttonhole flowers to suit your style

Most men opt for a simple flower on their lapel, a classic rose to match their tie, but there are a range of colours and styles we can make to order for a stylish complement to any outfit.

The ideas above are just some of the buttonholes for events or weddings our floral team can design for you.

There's a range of creative possibilities; we could even look at matching your buttonhole to a particular jockey's shirt or to your girlfriend's hat. (You know she'll approve.) If you're not looking for luck with the ladies, maybe you're looking for luck with the horses; some flowers are thought to bring good luck to their bearer. Our floral team can advise on all possibilities; the options are limited only to what kind of flowers we have in stock, and we always make sure we have a big range for all occasions.

Buttonhole Flowers

If you've only just dusted off your suit in time to make the train to the races, never fear, our shop in Clapham Junction can make you up a buttonhole at short notice. No one will ever know that you left things to the last minute! Just give the team a call on 0207 403 7774 to chat about your requirements or visit our flower stall at Clapham Junction and we'll make you one on the spot. After all, going to the races without a buttonhole flower is the social equivalent of attending naked, and that won't do at all!

Buttonhole Flowers
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