Contract flowers & other ways to make your Monday less painful

Monday mornings can be painful. To make matters worse many companies like to kick off the week with a team meeting, department huddle or pep talk and sometimes that’s the least inspiring of all. So here’s our list of things you can do to get your week off to a great start.


Obviously we were going to say this, but it’s actually a proven fact that companies who have plants on display have more productive employees, with enhanced creativity and fewer sick days. Think I’m making it up? Check out the research by Dr Chris Knight from Exeter University whose study into productivity and happiness in the workplace found minimalist offices produce miserable employees because "Sometimes less is just less". 

Check out our corporate flower contracts  to get fresh flowers delivered to your office every Monday morning for as little as £35 a week.

corporate contract flowers in The Shard reception


Yes you know this one already, but I mean have a good coffee. Think about the difference a mug packed full of freshly roasted Colombian beans will make to your morning compared to a filthy cup of murky swill. When visiting a cafe, look at who supplies the shop. If they don’t advertise it or the serving staff don't know, chances are it's not a top-quality producer with the zing you need to get your working week off to the best possible start.

coffee cup on table


There’s nothing quite like a hit of sugar to take the edge off a morning meeting. Is your company a scrooge when it comes to complimentary snacks? Do you have to put up with a desiccated pack of Lidl biscuits? Our sister company B Street Deli delivers a range of tasty pastries and healthy juices to the offices around London Bridge.

Contact the team here to turn your meeting frown upside down or view the corporate catering menu. Even if you have to flirt with the finance department to get it signed off, I promise you, it’ll be worth it.

flapjacks and cookies


Particularly cute fluffy ones. We actually have one of these too. You may have seen him on Instagram, hanging out on Bermondsey Street. His name is Mika. He loves to be stroked and stroking pets is scientifically proven to lower your blood pressure.  And while we won’t deliver our dog to you, you could take a break from your desk to seek him out. He’s usually spotted lolling on the pavement outside B Street Deli or outside our flower pitch on Tanner Street at the weekends.

golden retriever outside flower pitch on tanner street se1

Wine and possibly cheese

If coffee, cake, flowers and a golden retriever called Mika still haven’t fixed your Monday then there’s only one thing for it. Grab a colleague and head to the nearest drinking establishment. I know we’re biased, but B Street Deli has a fantastic range of wines and delicious cheese boards with antipasti and locally baked bread to soak it all up.

bottle of rose in ice bucket on table with cheese and charcuterie platter

None of this worked? Seek professional help, or buy a lottery ticket; hope is a powerful thing.

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