International Women's Day Flowers for 8th March

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Traditionally a socialist celebration, International Women's Day on March 8th has become increasingly popular in Western Europe in recent years.

IWD has its roots in the struggle for equal representation, better pay and working conditions that was fought in the early 1900s but now the day is host to talks and demonstrations to bring women’s rights to the fore across the globe.

International Women’s Day is still much bigger in other parts of the world and is even an official holiday in many, mostly ex-soviet, countries where it’s similar to Mother’s Day. For example, in Poland it’s customary for men and children to give their womenfolk flowers and small gifts.

In the UK many women now give each other flowers to say thanks or show appreciation for their support and friendship.

yellow mimosa against blue sky

What flowers should I give on International Women's Day?

Mimosa with its joyful yellow colour and sweet smell is the traditional flower given on March 8th. but other spring flowers and small plants are also popular. Our jam jar flowers are a particular bestseller among commuters who want to give desktop gifts in the workplace. Single stem roses are popular gifts for men to give to women. And smaller succulents are popular for those generous souls who want to buy a small token for every woman in their office.

We will have plenty of mimosa in stock on the day, so if you’re buying online and want to keep it traditional, simply call us on 020 7403 7774 to request that mimosa be added to your bouquet or visit any of our stores for a selection of smaller floral gifts and single stem roses.

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